Set Up Your Social Media Accounts Right

Social media seems to be one of those things that gets done, but without any planning behind it – companies treat their social media pages the same way they treat their personal ones. This can often happen in busy companiesthat don’t have time or money to invest in a social media strategy plan.

Why is Social Media So Important?

Facebook itself has almost 2 billion monthly active users and more than 50 million businesses have Facebook pages. Nearly a third of Facebook users engage with their favorite brands regularly. More than 56% of online adults have more than one social media platform so if you’re a business owner, these are statistics that can’t be ignored.

Publishing on social media platforms is a crucial part of brand awareness. People trust companies that have a big social media following and some even use it as an asset in providing a customer service solution and PR.

So, you know you need to have a social media steategy – what happens next?

Get a Social Media Strategy

Many businesses miss out on having a social media strategy, and then wonder why their platforms are not providing results after investing time and money.

Social Media strategy planning should always be the first part of the process – it should happen before your social media accounts are even set up. A vital part of strategy planning is seeing where your customers are – there’s no point in setting up on a platform that none of your clients use.

Strategy planning is also crucial in defining your content mix and examples of your ‘brand voice’ or tone. Marketing or promotional content should only be 10-20% of the published content. The rest should be a mix of content that is engaging, informative and useful to your customers.

In addition, processes need to be put in place to deal with social media. Identify who will be authorised to manage your business social media accounts. There should also be a process in place for dealing with both positive and negative feedback, don’t always ignore the negative – sometimes it can work in your favour.

Which Platforms?

Choose which platforms your social media strategy will use. Where are your customers online? Focus your efforts on the places they spend more time, rather that wasting effort on platforms that won’t produce results.

Set up your Social Media Accounts with Consistency

Make your brand consistent across all platforms. Don’t select one name on Facebook and something completely different on Twitter due to a name not being available. Spend time finding out what’s available and be consistent.

If you don’t already have a brand name, consider social media when brainstorming. You don’t want something that long that it can’t be used on Twitter or it’s already taken and shows your customers something inappropriate!

What next?

Social Media Design

Finally, the design of your social media accounts is paramount. Make sure that you hire a designer who can ensure that your social media banners and logos are designed in-line with your website and brand guidelines – it’s all about consistency.

All artwork should be sized accordingly. Don’t be tempted to use the Facebook cover photo on Twitter – the sizes are different and your artwork re-sized and lose quality. Select your colour schemes on Twitter to reflect your brands colour palette.

In short, get your social media accounts set up properly from the start and be consistent. If you’re not sure how to do this, get in touch :-)